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Mate had to throw away camera in bin, it wasn't one with a detachable lens which weren't allowed, same was about to happen with other mate but she knows foo security and he was lovely & she didn't need to chuck her camera out. Signs outside had the yes and no's of what can be taken in, usual stuff, cameras with detachable lens etc but you were allowed to take sunscreen in and they took that off you. It was 90 degress out. They were barking orders at you and were just rude for the sake of it. I understand they have a job to do, they need to look in your bags, empty out pockets etc but they were just agressive about it.

Both shows were great! Even managed to randomly run into Rami on the first night!

The venue security were awful...unorganized, disrespectful and rude.

The second night was better because Foo security stepped in and took over the organization. I will be forever grateful to Steve for getting me into the night 1 show after I was turned away TWICE for having a compact, and allowable, camera in my bag.
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