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1999 TINLTL US 2-Sided RCA Promo Poster signed at a little promo event in the south of OOOSA.

I think that's the correct pronunciation - they spell it "USA"?

Strangely this was at a place they called "Best Buy"... yet they gave it away for free? And then the wrongdoers were punished by having to sign four more copies in a row before the next human assaulted them... (hopefully with something they actually bought?).

Sadly it's unlikely things got any easier in OOOSA when the 000'S arrived... (that's just all way too many circles).

It definitely must have all been a very moving experience as they had moved several units out by then and just moved another unit in days before... calling him "Shifty". We assume he had a day job just in case.

Meanwhile Down Under...

I was there
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