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Not content with sending me original working copies for the album design photos I also got this original photograph. It's THE centre shot for the previous album art collage.

The back of the photo.

I was so fucked up right here I actually asked if it was from West Marine - knowing immediately after sending email I could check (and did) lol.

So again to obliterate any bias let's just have Tim explain:

The only shot from the Marine store is the one of Willy. The photo is not from the West Marine store gig but from their first Portland show -- the night before the Velvet Elvis show I believe...?

(Me: Satyricon 3rd March 1995 Portland, OR, United States (Third ever gig)

I sent photographer Curt Doughty down there to get shots for album art.

The print I sent you was one of two (of that shot) he sent me -- the other one (used on the record) was never returned from Capitol.

That ended Parcel 2 of 4.
Meanwhile Down Under...

I was there
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