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Yeah the higher quality audio is hard to get at. If you just get the DVD and stick it in your PC you'll get some options to listen to the second disc but it won't be HQ. Even if you use a normal DVD Audio extractor you won't get the high res stuff. For that you need a DVD-A extractor tool. This is the one I used. With that you can extract the high-res audio I mentioned above.

Like I say there is 96khz/24-Bit version in both 2.0 stereo and 5.1 surround sound. For reference if you don't know CD audio is 44.1khz and 16-Bit, so you can see how much higher resolution it is. It also means big files, it's losslessly compressed on the disc but once I extracted it and compressed it again to FLAC it was 931MB for the 2.0 and a whopping 2.35GB for the 5.1 version. Over And Out alone is 291MB!

I don't think many people are aware of that being on the disc, but it really does sound amazing and the highest quality audio FF have put out by far, much better than CD.
whoa! I knew it was higher resolution, but had no idea how higher it was, that's huge! and I think that adds a lot more to my will of getting it, thanks again for going even deeper on that and explaining it better, will follow your guide on getting the best out of it.

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I have the special edition and regular edition for some reason.

I was actually considering selling my special edition of IYH recently, I never actually touch it, I listen to regular one - the nice box just sits there looking pretty :P

But yeah. I used to be a hoarder, but have changed my ways, plus I only listen to vinyl or MP3s now anyway. So yeah, not sure how much it would go for right now, but thinking about it for a while.
you plan on selling it on ebay or something like that?
I started a collection of MP3s and videos like a decade ago, for that time what I had was pretty impressive but only enough to open doors to more special stuff, as today they're everywhere to get. I should have kept going and trying harder to find trading circles, would probably have a much more impressive collection nowadays, I just didn't have the time and lost interest like most people do.
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