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Anyone got a pic of the Jap import?
I can't even remember which import I have, UK I think. No pic but it was a four-fold digipak wrapped in a cardboard sleeve.

On each end (when unfolded) there was a cardboard sleevecase (brown/carton with the FF shield) and the DVD/CD.
I have the UK version, from what I remember it was a four-fold cardboard box, although quite chunky when folded in on itself. I think the bands heads appear in little shields in the corner - I may be wrong (don't have it on me right now).
What I do remember perfectly those is how difficult the discs were to get out of the sleeves!

Madness - I was thinking of ebay, yeah. Although I've never used it to sell anything. I usually just put stuff (singles etc) on amazon.
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