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What's the name of the channel?

Edit: I think he means this one

Not the other one.
This channel is indeed the official one for our site. Any other, including the 'FooFightersLive' one is not. Don't expect to see tons of video on it though, it wasn't really created for that purpose. I may put the odd video up on there that isn't already on youtube somewhere, but that isn't much. We may also use it for previews of upcoming torrents of any new footage we may get.

Also just to clear up any misconceptions, I don't really mind videos on youtube at youtube quality, they're not 'my' videos after all and it's a good way for people to see them. The beef I have is people who ruin videos before they upload them, either stretching them to an improper aspect ratio or re-encoding them to make youtube think they're 'HD' when they're anything but.

By the way MADNESS, I worked out that 'FooFightersLive' and 'FooFightersHD' are both GerarldoJpr. I don't like what he does but again, nothing I can do about it.

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