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I was 15 and TINLTL had just come out which means the Learn to Fly video was on heavy rotation on MTV, I was glued to the channel just to catch the video everytime it was on because it was so funny but I was also starting to enjoy the music as well, it was fun, catchy, well crafted and I realized it was the drummer from Nirvana. I was impressed with his ability to carry a band on his own and such a high quality one, all that combined got me hooked and it just grew from there.

the next step was buying the TINLTL record, I listened to it nonstop for days which took me on another trip to the record store to get the previous 2 albums, then it was the 3 on heavy rotation on my portable cd player, by week 2 I knew all the words to all the songs and then the biggest milestone was discovering Napster and having access to live versions, the first one I got was Learn to Fly because it was the song that got me hooked, I listened to it and it was so wildly different, so raw and real that made me go "that's it, these guys have my fandom for life", of course it wasn't literally like that, I just felt like that, now I'm 33 and that hasn't changed so I guess that was really indeed a very real feeling.
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