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When I was 13, I heard I'll Stick Around on the radio (like within a month of the first album coming out), and thought it was the most awesome song ever. I've been hooked ever since, and loved getting the albums back when release days were a big deal. Saw them live in 2000 with the Chili Peppers and it was a great show. Got married, poor, had kids, and have started going back to shows again. They put on the best concerts ever.

The Colour and the Shape is still one of my favorite albums of all time. I listen to at least a song off of it a day.

2000-Bloomington, IN
Poor or had little kids for 15 years
2017-Chicago (Metro), Knoxville, Cincinnati
2018-Lexington, Memphis, Nashville, Noblesville/Indy, Wrigley x2, Kansas City, St. Louis, Detroit, Milwaukee, St. Paul
2019 Atlanta, New Orleans x2, Sonic Temple

9/20/19 Louisville-Bourbon and Beyond
9/21-22/19 Pilgrimage Festival
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