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There you have it! How on earth did you get your hands on this? (I should know better than to ask because, yeah, it's you, but it's so interesting to know it actually exists.)

Something i'm noticing in these scans - the different colouring on the word 'black'. Is that a theme that runs throughout the songbook, ie. emphasis on colours?
Well I just bought it (still to ship) so I can't say for sure whether the "black" emphasis is carried on. It's shared in the song titles there too. And I'm assuming I have several pages and not just two as these are the only pics I have so far, but it should be a book with all lyrics Im guessing.

It was a plain old "ebaby" job - and while the Soldier page was highlighted by being turned to for the pic, there was no mention of the fact that it shouldn't even be there... that was my visual WTF.

I was and still partly am a bit concerned this might be the same as the lyric book that was released at Foo Arms, but logic says that one will have at the very least been "fixed" if not be quite different, and this one most definitely is New York US sourced.

Another thoughts - our three sided LP set was almost certainly going to be four sides, then perhaps a request came in to gift a song to PP, band then presumably has to think carefully about what to give given the subject it's supporting, so possibly any available "other" non album songs didn't fit. Soldier is decided on - then someone says hey you can master those to just three sides if you want - and someone says cool let's do an etching. Which is probably when they trawl through some lyrics for a catchy phrase and bangingontheceiling gets decided on.

All guesswork but I'm sure the truth will come out in the course of time. Dave can't help himself explaining things eventually lol

Listing blurb:
"This booklet was apparently given out to executives and record company insiders before the new record was announced to the press. NO mention that would in any way let you know that this was the Foo Fighters (except the new logo). Very guerilla-like publishing. Perfect condition. Hand sewn in cool gold thread. Not sure how many of these were done, but not likely many. None of these have shown up on the market. Very cool and painfully rare David Grohl collectible. The ultimate piece for the collector who thought they had everything."
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