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Don't kill me straight straight away, please.

I'm almost 47 year old "newbie" from Finland, fan of Foos from 1999. Played guitar over 33 years and loving old tube amps, guitars and stuff.

"Sound City" is like a wet dream to gear and "old school" rock junkies like me and my friends. Not only for the gear - also for the attitude on making things. Tom Petty's "Mojo" is an another great sample of this kind productions - Mike Campbell as a player and as The Gear Master has always been understated (at least in Europe), to my humble opinion.

The very first thing I'd like to say on songs, is that "Fortunate Son" with John Fogerty just brings tears (of joy) in my eyes. The Energy is touchable! Foos by themselves have done that before also, but joining and honouring the legend this way is something else. Dave and guys show theirs love for CCR/Fogerty - stuff in straight and honest way (who wouldn't, though)

Keep rockin everyone!
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