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Yeah, I don't live or have never been in any of the cities so that doesn't matter to me plus it's what I saw first on the list so I panic bought!
I live in L.A./Hollywood area, so I considered that cover briefly, but I think I prefer the Forever panel best, and yeah it was first and I was afraid I wouldn't get one! I think my roomie's getting the Hollywood one, so that'll be good. When I ordered it actually said "there was an error processing your request" and I just about screamed at work. But then I immediately got an email saying it went through, so I don't know what happened. All I know is I got a mega bundle waitin' for me

10.26.02 - Bridge School Benefit
04.18.03 - Universal City
10.28.05 - Oakland
07.14.06 - Berkeley
09.02.06 - Santa Barbara
02.02.08 - Oakland
03.06.08 - Inglewood
06.05.11 - 2011 MTV Movie Awards
02.12.12 - 54th Grammy Awards
01.31.13 - Sound City Players/Premiere
01.10.15 - Dave's Birthday Bash
05.28.17 - BottleRock
10.07.17 - CalJam '17
10.31.17 - Jimmy Kimmel Live!
12.02.17 - Sacramento
08.26.18 - The Holy Shits
09.12.18 - San Jose
10.06.18 - CalJam '18
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