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Who is losing their shit? I see people making suggestions to get the tix out of the scalpers hands and into the hands of people who want to go to a show.

I don't do facebook so maybe it's different there. I've seen a few threads of people starting a petition, some mad because they got shut out for the Chicago show, but I also see some suggestions for a fan club and anything to keep the scalpers chances down such as credit card entry. That's the main reason I'm even having a dialogue is to increase the chances of the people who want to go to the show instead of someone trying to make a profit off of it. Obviously, the concert industry, bands and promoters have listened in the past because they started credit card entry to try and foil the scalpers some.
Twitter and Facebook have been exceptionally negative. It gets overwhelming the negativity. This board is pretty good because I scare people.

But, Knoxy speaks the's bad like this each year. I just need to get my game face on. Negative people make me crabby.
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