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I understand that, but it can be done. It hasn't been done yet, but I think we'll see it in the future.

I attend NFL games where there are 68K passing through and every single person goes through a metal detector wand and their ticket is scanned. That would take no more time than doing the same thing as swiping a credit card and checking id. You'd think that they could come up with something similar for concert tickets. You could use the same device.
I know they didn't have quite the same numbers, but Nine Inch Nails did something similar at their show in Orlando last Halloween. They had a fan club presale (FC membership was free), and everyone's orders were assigned a number based on when they came in. On the day of the show, you swung by a table and showed your ID. They handed you your tickets and put a wristband on you that had your number on it (I was like 368 or something), and then directed you into the building. We all lined up in order number and then were let in to go down onto the floor 15 minutes before all of the non-FC-presale people were (which was another fantastic perk). The name on the ticket had to match the name on the ID, so there was no chance of resellers snatching all of the tickets up. It was far and away one of the most painless show experiences I've ever had.
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