Default Chevy Metal in Sydney 29/8

Each transaction will be limited to one (1) ticket per person, and each person wishing to attend the show must physically be at the venue at the time of purchase to be issued a wristband & ticket for entry.

The wristband will be attached to the purchaser at the time of the transaction and to gain entry they must wear the wristband and present their ticket for scanning to get access.

Formed by Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters, The Birds of Satan) more than a decade ago, the Chevy Metal line-up for tonight’s exclusive show includes Dave Grohl, alongside Chevy Metal founding member Wiley Hodgen (The Birds of Satan) and Brent Woods (Sebastian Bach) who have generously come to Australia exclusively for this show.

Taylor and Dave are in town to promote Foo Fighters’ upcoming ninth studio album Concrete and Gold, out Friday 15 September via Sony Music Australia. Pre-order your copy here.

If history is anything to go by, tonight will see the band racing through a hit-filled setlist including the likes of Van Halen, Queen, Billy Joel, AC/DC, The Police and The Rolling Stones to name just a few.
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