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I made it! I almost didn't when the venue hit capacity for public tickets before sales even started (if my train had come in five minutes earlier, I might've been good for that), but then came a Hail Mary pass and I was in. What. A. Show. I could barely hear Wiley and Brent's mics from down the front but the vibe in the entire room was super sweet and the stage banter was top-shelf. I also scored a setlist and one of DG's picks, as if I wasn't already having one of the luckiest days of all days.

I was right in front of Dave and now another thing we have in common is that we're both deaf in one ear. (Dave in his left, me in my right...between us, we'd have a working set! )
Awww amazing stuff! I'm super happy for you getting in!
I don't even have any good skills.
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