Question People who own official tour itineraries - help needed!

I know there are a handful of these floating around and a few of you guys here have some copies, well I'm planning to incorporate more data into my site and could do with your help.

What I'm looking for are official names of tours and the dates that they encompassed. Just the start and end dates will suffice, I already have the data to fill in the gaps. I know some tours had actual names (December to Remember 2000) whereas others were just simple stuff like "UK Tour 1997". Some I think also incorporated the legs into the name. I'm just looking for that official name as listed on the itineraries, no matter what it is.

Obviously for most of these I could deduce them myself pretty accurately but it'd be better to have the official data to be sure, especially with regards to their official name internally.

So if you can just post in this format

Name: UK Tour 1997
First Show: May 20th 1997
Last Show: May 29th 1997

I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance guys!

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