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It was $60 I believe (according to your posts )
Yes that was definitely me lol - I knew I added stuff at that detail level for a lot of the early stuff esp 2015 - but never totally sure on details years later. Then reading it seems like yesterday - WTF...

(Random thought... is Foozheimers taken as a screen name? Can I mod me lol). I must remember to ask thingy - Simian isn't it? (seriously I had to lol... it's the best Monkey Wrench one I can still remember - or exists? Try me on a bad day too.... sorry waay too deep for a board post).

JR does say "Show Print" in that 2019 add though - and it can't be, as that's the run of 250, not the 100 he mentions. Prob now mixing himself up (too) as NOW most artists run ONE run of numbers and the gig gets the higher (101+) set.

For what it's worth I deff do still follow the EB listings on these. I'd have said check this out as it's just have come up at $150 for an actual show print - but it had gone before I was able to get where I could post a few hours later.

But anyway tell me which type you want (if you have a pref and it's one you'd really like) and I will make sure you get any updates I see that are worth chasing.
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