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I'm just thinking out loud here. The FF US store describes only the Metro coin as a "limited run of 300 coins."

I wonder if LiveNation included this numbered detail in the description as it was one of the first coins to be released, so "LN" would want to give a detailed description, and as more coins released - they just put less effort into the descriptions? Or are all coin designs limited to 300? Or was it limited to 300 coins because it was such a small venue and other coins are made to suit the demand for the venue capacity?

I think it would be nice to know a production number on each coin.
Yeah you're asking all the right questions - all the possibilities you suggest are exactly where I end up too. 300 may only relate to the Metro gig because it was so small, or LN could just not be adding it to the other ones sold because they forgot, or they don't know the number, or that there isn't a number just in case they decide they'd like to press more.

But I think there most likely IS a limited number for every pressing. The store has a "2 per fan" limit on ALL of them, and that is now being hard enforced in the cart. I think the number probably varies - CalJam would have had more etc.

What's now the most interesting is that there could well have been TWO coins for several or even all of the full gigs. One variant sold in a sealed bag and one sold in a case. Greensboro (confirmed) and Anthem (looks 90% likely). When the store Anthem ones ship we will know for sure.

More deliberate Foo Fighters madness - someone must be having a real good laugh. In the end it will probably go like this...

"...and when you align all 606 coins with their individual correct azimuth plus latitude and longitude, at the right time on the right day, the sunlight that is reflected will paint this very special picture in the sky!..."

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