Default Re: Have you ever met the Foo Fighters (or one of them) face to face?

nope..... not yet!
this is sad, but im from Houston and went to their show this tour in Houston. Now, im flying to Pittsburg for their concert July 26. (i just cant get enough of them!!! )
im going to try to either sneak back stage , or make a poster saying "I FLEW FROM HOUSTON, CAN I PLEASE GET A SET LIST & MEET DAVE??".
[then in my mind Dave will come over and be like, "hey, come hang backstage with us" and then before and after the show we'll hang and stuuf with the whole band.] let me dream....
"I promise to rock the fucking house—and everyone’s invited. "- Dave ♥

"Dora the Explorer doesn't talk like Mr. Dave. Neither does Elmo," Grohl said to the younger fans in Houston about the f-bombs he was letting fly. (ya, i was there.)
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