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A set of B/W photo COPIES at the front of Parcel 2 - some marked up in red ink. I immediately recognised them and frankly nearly fainted.

A lot of questions followed. I got close in offering a final understanding, then Tim wrapped it up.

(ME: "Send original negative - get back orig neg proof, do markups for printer - get printer proof - approve and sent for printing? Something like that?")

Nearly right Mike. I would send layout (art, mechanicals) to printer -- they make a negative or film from the layout -- the printer makes a proof (blueline, chromalin, or B/W print) -- they send that to me for corrections, etc. -- I send back the marked up proof, they make corrections (if any) -- they print job.

No real point repeating any of my other words. Let's just say I asked the right questions and go to the key parts of Tim's replies on this subject over many emails (I add stuff where needed).

Re: photo cluster,
The only shot from the Marine store is the one of Willy.

In the good ol' days, that it how layout mechanicals were sent to the printer. The red mark-up on the collage copy was for reference and placement of the images.

I used those to make my layouts from -- after I composed the photos to my liking, I then made another (composite) copy (so it's all in one piece) to put together a final comp to show the client (David)...I have a BOX of those!! Haha

Nowadays, that process is all done digitally and through electronic mail. So much easier...

One interesting note about the copies --
The copies were made before they were corrected by Capitol -- you can see all of the things that were "edited" out...
(ME: Note background people removed from several working images, and white borders added to all images where only some had them originally).

Re: Unused "MIA LIVES" marquee copy,
I think it was the marquee outside the show in Portland. Also, I believe that management axed that image from the collage...

The reference to Mia Lives -- In 1993, Mia Zappata was murdered here in Seattle -- she was the founder/leader of the band The Gits.
Her murdered is still unsolved...

I believe that the "Francis Farmer Gals" and "Alphabitch" on the marquee were the opening bands...

(ME: Alphabitch Portland, OR)
Meanwhile Down Under...

I was there
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