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I rarely read the foos newsletter but I went through it today and there was a small teaser at the end.

It reads 'Are you ready to play?' (pic can't be hotlinked)

I'm guessing, this must be it?
It sounds exciting !! I am really looking forward to getting the music!
going to order ASAP
Meanwhile, I know this belongs in another thread but must say -just want to again applaud because had a fabulous time at Foo Fighters concert at MSG on July 18th!! Wow-what a show ...what a band ...what a man ...what a father !!!
Dave absolutely made his daughter shine so bright -she was beaming with light singing!!! Great show! I loved it ...absolutely loved it!! So so very special that he can share the special times with her in spite of the fact that he works so hard & has to travel everywhere! So great that he gets to enjoy his children as well and his family and enjoy PLAYing -omg! So-standing ovation’s to Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters! I love the band and love Dave! I love everything he and Foo Fighters stands for!
Truly inspiring!!!

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