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Was an online site, I posted an ad looking for floor tickets. Buddy messaged me, (Iíve done this so many times before with no issues) answered all the right questions, confirmed 4 times that the tickets weíre etransferable through Ticketmaster and then called him. He send me a picture of his ID, his email, I had his phone number and was talking to him when I sent the money and then all of a sudden he said oh! You were right, they need to be printed at home iíll Have to meet you tomorrow and of course Iíve heard nothing.... Iíve called the bank right after but apparently since he had direct deposit the money went right into his account without me being able to set a password (which I thought was on the next page but wasnít) there is zero protection when the receiver has direct deposit set up. Iíve called the cops, they said itís fraud and I will be going in to give them all of the information so hopefully no one else gets scammed like I did. Sad day. Guess iíll be sitting at home that night. All faith in humanity is lost.
You said it was a buddy? that means friend to me??
This album was made in Virginia. TINLTL
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