Default Re: Create and share your perfect Foo Fighters setlist

I'm posting this with no concept of how long it would take, when the encore would take place, etc etc:

1. Everlong
2. Hey, Johnny Park
3. I'll Stick Around
4. Monkey Wrench
5. Times Like These
6. Saint Cecilia
7. These Days
8. Gimme Stitches
9. My Hero
10. Baker Street
11. Stacked Actors
12. This Is A Call
13. Make It Right
14. Sky Is A Neighborhood
15. Learn to Fly
16. Generator
17. Breakout
18. Walking A Line
19. Ain't It The Life (sloooooooow shit down)
20. Next Year (another nice mellow jam)
21. All My Life (come back with a vengeance)
22. Best Of You
23. Walk (end on the best, most optimistic song they've got)

You know I'm right.
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