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Saw this too late, that was one of the ones I would have bought in a heartbeat.

We have been discussing that a bit today... if there's legitimate reasoning then it could be understandable... if not then
Couldn't find the drum head to see what was listed - but I wouldn't buy it anyway for the same reason. Some things just don't feel right to actually buy.

Rogers still holding RFK Harpies prints is (or was) interesting; that he held some over (and perhaps still hasn't let them all go yet?). I'm guessing he wouldn't do that for everything - where he says there are (eg 100) but only sets 90/95 (whatever) in the sale web count back in 2015? Maybe he lost some or had a couple returned or something odd like that. Don't recall the AE 100 being $100 though back then.

I said back then that the Harpies felt to me like the intended primary RFK 20th Ann poster, though the EMEK money variant was "nicer" in design. Definitely crazy money has been spent by people on the EMEK RFK foils. I don't have one of the two (20/25 red) runs at all.

But it's hard to judge as the true comparison is the one gold gems Harpies run of just 5, with the one Lazer foil run of 5 second (where he did that and other variants a week or so later after the site/or payment links crashed on the day). And nobody probably wants will sell those 10 posters now, so the market never sees them, so there's no demand, and no real determinable value etc.
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