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It's the year of Our Lord 2019 - and the world is run by the millennials. Do people actually still listen to full albums anymore?

It's not like we need to buy music physically. If people want a listening experience they just make a playlist.
I've said elsewhere that their minds would be turning to longevity now and figuring out how to hold their current position. The old-school fans, they don't have to work that hard to keep them - after 25 years, they're a lock. It's the younger ones they have to try and convert. While vinyl is enjoying a comeback, the new generation's interest in physical sales isn't enough to sustain it as a revenue stream. Touring and merch are the two big things putting food on the table.

What does this have to do with setlists? They've reversed how they work. Before, they would be more daring in live performances than on record; nowadays, that's reversed. At their current level, they (ie. Dave) show a lot of anxiety about what they play and who they think they're playing for. Since WL - when their crowd numbers exploded and never went back - there seems to have been a conscious decision to not scare off newbies by digging around in the vaults too much. Playing the hits brings in those consistent numbers. However, this, in my opinion, takes away the incentive for those newbies to look deeper into the band's discography, by way of not showing interest in it themselves.

A cover is fun and gives people another singalong moment, but I remember on the SH tour when they were up to a block of 4-5 in a show and it just got ridiculous. That was a good 20-30 minutes that could've been used to dust off a few songs that have left rotation, but it's the general unwillingness to do that that gets me. If they fear becoming irrelevant with time, hate to say it, this is how they'll do it.

All that said, I do appreciate that they listened and bent a little to bring Hey, JP! and I'll Stick Around back. It's a start. And FF25 is just around the corner, there's a world of possibilities there that I hope they embrace.
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