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Physical album sales are dropping but they're still responsible for more revenue than streaming and digital downloads combined. The infrastructure as it is at the moment just isn't enough to sustain artists. So FF's biggest pull, historically and for the foreseeable future, will be physical sales, and as far as they go, they aren't doing too badly. When C&G came out, it went #1 on the strength of physical sales - only 5.5% came from digital sales.

Paid subscriptions make up nearly half of recorded music revenues last year, while CDs and LPs were 7% and 4% respectively. But within those percentages, we're still looking at hundreds of millions in revenue. Just because it's not the leading consumption method anymore doesn't mean it's no longer viable or useful to the band. (

As for what they might do the next year, I suspect it'll be built around how they've been promoting themselves of late: Building hype. I reckon they could embrace social media a lot more, maybe do another stream of their own like with WL Live at 606. is still just sitting there!
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