Ok........I'm a little slow this morning, so bear with me. do I say this........let's see......oh, whatever, I'll save the dramatic intro and cut to the chase. I MET STEWART COPELAND LAST NIGHT. There, I said it. Holy shit.
What else is there to say? Is my life complete now? Do I have anything else to look forward to? Is it all downhill from here? I guess there's always Jenna Elfman......
Oysterhead played here last night to a few thousand people that I swear must have been imported from Colorado or something, because I've never seen that many dreadlocked nitrous dealers in one place in my whole entire life. The show was great. For anyone who doesn't know about Oysterhead, it's Trey from PHISH on guitar, Les from PRIMUS on bass, and you know who on the drums. It's basically a who's who of musicians that will always be better than you at anything ever. It was pretty wild. Everyone knows that Les is amazing, and Trey was like a mix between Thurston Moore and Eric Clapton......but Stewart Copleland.......holy shit. The guy is almost 50 years old, and could still wipe the floor with any drummer I've ever seen. What a fucking champion. Our seats were so great, just above the stage to the left, so we had the perfect eyeline to the drums, studying his every move like we were at home watching an instructional videotape. Taylor was in heaven. ( Let it be known that no one has influenced Taylor as much as Stewart Copeland has.....except maybe Freddie Mercury, and that doesn't count because everyone is influenced by Freddie in one way or another....) After the show, we stepped backstage to say hello. I didn't really say much more than "Hello" to Stewart (I was too sacred), but it was definitely one of the coolest nights of my life. I'm just waking up, so pardon me if this stuff sounds crazy. Wow..........
After that show, we headed over to the Black Cat for a nightcap and found ourselves in another supergroup scenario. The band TOMAHAWK were playing upstairs and we caught the last few songs. John from HELMET playing the drums, Duane from JESUS LIZARD on guitar, some guy from THE COWS on bass, and Mike Patton from FAITH NO MORE singing. It was pretty great, too bad we missed most of it. Duane Dennison is really one of my favorite guitarists ever......the Jesus Lizard stuff is ALL amazing. If you see that TOMAHAWK are coming through town, I suggest you check em' out.
OK.......gotta finish my coffee and pop-tarts and head downstairs. Just wanted to let you all in on my big night. Here's to Stewart Copeland.......still the most badass drummer in the world (besides Taylor).
Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters