Question Re: Looking for unreleased tracks to buy digitaly

Thanks for the replies, people.

scottish_foo, 'Band on the Run' is available as a B-side of 'Cheer up, Boys', according to Wikipedia:

'No physical retail singles were released, however promotional singles were released for radio airplay. The B-side is a cover of Paul McCartney & Wings' "Band on the Run", which was previously released on Radio 1: Established 1967.'

But no CD version found on eBay or Discorg with both songs, only the song single. Anyway, I know now I can find McCartney's song on 'Radio 1: Established 1967'.

I found that several missing songs I need are on the 'Medium Rare' compilation, and it exists on CD (I don't like vinyles). The prices on eBay look not that expensive, I can try to get one. I would get several songs I wanted PLUS songs I didn't know FFs did, like 'This Will Be Our Year' or 'Bad Reputation'. And it's official, and CD quality, everything I'm looking for.

And last thing, during my researches, I've found an unofficial release compiling several B-sides/bonus songs not available elsewhere or hard to find. It's called 'B-sides & rarities', and it seems to be a Russian 'bootleg'. What do you think about it, people? It my be interesting. But we'll never know about the quality, if it's MP3s unzipped to WAVs, or if it's CD quality into CD quality.

Your advises would help me. Thanks.
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