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And last thing, during my researches, I've found an unofficial release compiling several B-sides/bonus songs not available elsewhere or hard to find. It's called 'B-sides & rarities', and it seems to be a Russian 'bootleg'. What do you think about it, people? It my be interesting. But we'll never know about the quality, if it's MP3s unzipped to WAVs, or if it's CD quality into CD quality.
I'd probably stay away from anything purporting to be a website like that. Aside from legality reasons and copyright, like you said... you can't really be sure what the quality of those things are anyway. And if you're especially picky about that sort of thing, then you just don't know what you'd be getting.

Plus, I know of other band fanbases where people have tried buying things like that, then never heard back from the people they gave the money to.
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