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Hello trevgreg,

I'm very sorry for my late reply, I was out of town for business. And thank you for your quick reply.

I have ordered 'Medium Rare' on CD on eBay. It should arrive to me soon. Like this, a good part of my problem is solved. Now 'just' the rest remains to be done.

I'm not really picky, contrary to what I said. Okay I want official stuff just to be legal (and when we like, we pay for it), quality is not my first condition. I just want lossless quality just for me to know then I can compress it as I want. All my CDs are ripped to mp3s to be put in my mp3 player. I compress them to 192Kbit/s, that's enough for me, and it takes less space. I just want to know that in the first place, the file is 'brand new', never been compressed.

So I'm not that picky regarding the quality, but I want to be the person who chooses it, who compresses it. And like that, once compressed, I would always have the lossless quality version somewhere on my computer if I change my mind.

Anyway, don't know about this russian compilation. Looks interesting anyway, and cheap. But I prefer to search for good deals first. And if buying compilations, soundtracks and single CDs individually costs a lot, I would start thinking taking it.

Any good deals/websites where to buy them? Discorg, Amazon, eBay, others?

I rip my cds, DVD and Blu Ray Audio to lossless FLAC. That way I can play it at full quality at home or downscale to MP3s for my portable devices. No need to rip it again later if you get a better playback device.
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