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Here's what I have so far on vinyl:

Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (2x12'' Vinyl) |US, 88697 11516-1|
Greatest Hits (2x12'' Vinyl) |US, 88697-36921-1|
Wasting Light (2x12" Vinyl) |US, 88697-84493-1|

Best Of You b/w Spill (7" Vinyl) |EU, 82876 70121-7|
DOA b/w Razor (acoustic) (7'' Yellow Vinyl) |EU, 82876 72279-7|
The Pretender b/w Bangin' (7'' Clear Vinyl) |EU, 88697 13999 7|
Long Road To Ruin b/w Holiday In Cambodia (7" Vinyl) |EU, 88697 19036 7|

and Medium Rare is on its way...

DOA 7" vinyl was actually the first item in my Foo collection and my first ever won eBay auction. So far I'm planning on buying Resolve vinyl single and Rope vinyl single.
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and jeez, the day I met the first russian guy is when this happens. hope it's not as bad as it looks like...
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