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You gotta go through your Dad's stuff and claim the best ones for yourself and then you can post those too!
And just because your turntable is old doesn't mean it's bad...mine is new and it's pretty bad so age isn't really a factor! (By the way if 88 refers to 1988...very good year!)

Some day I'm gonna sit down and listen to my entire collection too! Maybe when I get a new turntable during the summer, so I can appreciate it more.
thats my plan, although i might just have a fight on my hands. hes pretty precious about them. my plan is to buy him some frames to put his faves in, that way he has to go through the whole collection and i can pilfer some of them! i can't even imagine what he's got, the guy has listened to alot of different music in his time.

(and yes 88 is as in 1988, my year. be it yours too? or is there another reason for it being a good year?)
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