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I'd have given up my skull hoodie, Roswell Films t-shirt, SC bluray and my left arm to see SCP and the SC theatre movie in LA! Have you contacted AUSPOST? They may be able to help.
Yep, sent them an email too, though I don't know what they'll be able to tell me other than "yes it arrived in Australia but we don't know where it is," or "no we never got it." At this point I just want my money back, it's not worth the hassle. Though considering I'm hearing nothing from my previous emails to the store, I won't be holding my breath about a refund either.

Anyway, time to go look at my photos and remember the fun parts about the whole Sound City experience, not this crappy one!
Is rock dead?
Yes. But I believe in necrophilia.
My pics. Go look.
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