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Now I just need the Morning Breath Poster from the show at RFK. Keeping my eye open. Let a few go on eBay in the past and kicking myself for it.
That was the one DC poster I was able to buy while i was there and it was from the DC pop up store. I remember there being a big stack of them at the check out counter. At the time I didn't realize how rare these would eventually become. There were 300 printed but out of all the 2015 tour show posters, I can say I've seen these the least on eBay. I've seen way more joker cards and money shots. My guess is most people held onto these because of the names listed. It's pretty cool when u can say " I was in DC for 4th of July, saw the Foos, the reveal of Dave's throne and oh yeah... This list of other people performed as well" Good times

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