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I would hope so. There was a foil emek (slightly damaged) LA poster (i think it was that gig) on ebay with a buy now of $80, bidding went up to $50 and then someone bought it. Was half interested but really, if I wanted it would have snapped it up as soon as I'd seen it.

Not seen too much of interest though recently.
You're correct, it was LA sonic highway foil. Pretty sure it was an AE edition of only 20 because it's signed, numbered, doodled & embossed. I bid $56 on it but reserve wasn't met. The damage was roughly the size of the quarter placed beside it and framing wouldn't cover that unless you didn't care about EMEKs sig, numbering & doodle. I came very close to using buy it now but I couldn't get past the damage.

Side note: That's the same seller that sold me the EMEK wrigley AE foil 20/25. She lives in Portland, Oregon area which is where EMEK is based and she sells EMEK AE foils fairly often. She must have a very nice connection

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