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They probably costed shipping it all back to the main store and worked out it wasn't worth it so decided to just try and shift it all as easily as possible wherever it's being stored.

Had they said it's been reallocated and they had no say in it then people would be annoyed but at least they would have told us all what had happened sooner .

Am still on a hunt for another London coin/Metro one - going to ramp up that search shortly so it can be done before the next US leg of the tour as no doubt there will be more in the next month or so...

And ta - should I pm you to arrange paying for it and whatnot at some point?

BTW this morning FNAC took payment from it being authorized a few weeks back - so that should be sent out in the next few days for the Blue C&G vinyl
Yeah I don't think the AUS store is a definite permanent fixture - several items started saying Pickup only, yet no details around where the store was... maybe I missed something?

When that order arrives from AUS I'll send you a PM to finalise, no biggy

Still looking for a Metro - nothing has come up that I've seen. No sign of any O2 ones ever since the few right after the gig - seriously miscalculated there

FNAC shipped and on the way to NZ with good contact and full details etc
Meanwhile Down Under...

I was there
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