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Yeah I don't think the AUS store is a definite permanent fixture - several items started saying Pickup only, yet no details around where the store was... maybe I missed something?

When that order arrives from AUS I'll send you a PM to finalise, no biggy

Still looking for a Metro - nothing has come up that I've seen. No sign of any O2 ones ever since the few right after the gig - seriously miscalculated there

FNAC shipped and on the way to NZ with good contact and full details etc
Could have been the items that were originally pick up from the "Bar/Hotel" that they then forgot to update the page to not just pick up, but who knows.

And that's cool, will keep an eye out for it.

And same, quite weird that over the months since there has been no hint of any London coins being sold anywhere - but think it's good to see that 99.9% of people hadn't tried to flip them into an easy profit. The metro one's not a surprise considering there were only 300 of them anyway.

And picked up my B&B vinyl this morning before work, looks good.

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I finally got this one that everyone else (named Alban) has had for ages LOL
I was watching that, wasn't going to attempt to buy it (thought you'd had a bid on it) and then it jumped up in the last minute . Plus was only going to go for it if no bid had been made in the closing seconds. Nice item though.
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