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Yeah that sounds like an awesome idea! they played a bunch of old songs at Glastonbury a couple of years ago like exhausted for example, I was really surprised they didn't play it then and thought there must be a reason behind that song for them not to play it anymore, considering they have played nearly every song from that album with in the last few years.
Was that Reading Festival 2012 perhaps?
We got Exhausted, Winnebago, Weenie Beenie, Wattershed, I'll Stick Around, Alone + Easy Target. Don't think we'll ever see the likes of that. I'm sure they played Hey, JP as well
Earls Court, 18th December 2005
Hyde Park, 17th June 2006
o2 Arena, 17th November 2007
Wembley Stadium, 6th June 2008
Wembley Stadium, 7th June 2008
Isle of Wight Festival, 11th June 2011
Milton Keynes Bowl, 2nd July 2011
Reading Festival, 26th August 2012
Glastonbury Festival, 26th June 2015
Milton Keynes Bowl, 6th September 2015
o2 Arena, 19th September 2017
London Stadium, 22nd June 2018
London Stadium, 23rd June 2018
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