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I can remember in my youth (when I was all-in on super heavier stuff) hearing songs from TCATS and TINLTL and thinking they were catchy as all get out. Even before then, when I was like 13 or 14 seeing the video for Big Me and just cracking up!

It wasn’t until I bought my first Foo record, One by One, that I got super into the band. Now they’re undeniably one of my faves.

My favorite album is Wasting Light, but it’s really difficult to pinpoint just that one. I could easily say TCATS, also a big fan of ESPG, but Wasting Light just has a tremendous sound and is maybe the strongest start to finish.

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I'm the most uncool fan ever, so technically I started with the Greatest Hits...

Favourite is now TINLTL, I think. But it's so hard to pick.

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