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Let's end this stupid discussion here on smoking once and for all.

Smoking IS bad. And if you have smoked like a die-hard for a while (let's say, 15 years) you know it takes a toll on your body (but so does working out and that can kill you too). I quit a year ago and I miss it everyday.
Anyway, as stated, it is bad. But all the people nagging at smokers these days are just annoying the hell out of me. It seems to be the latest fad to nag at smokers because you can, because "there's medical prove that smoking kills you and the ones around you" and "I don't want to be killed by you and your cigarette smoke". When there is really none. Proven. On the long run. My granddad smoked cigarettes, pipes, cigars and basically everything he could get his hands on. He died at 92. He is not the ony example I can offer.

Australia does not have alot of lung cancer patients; at least not nearly as much as our Western hemisphere does. Don't tell me it's because Aussies don't smoke. There must be other things causing them to die, right?
Nice detail: They do get skin-cancer because of the sun. Not their fault. We helped thinning the ozon-layer too. Yes, you too, healthy-nice-smelling-non-smoker-you.

Your are killing you too. And you probably were too pre-occupied being mad at smokers to notice that:
*You eat gen-tech foods.
*You eat meat that is chemically enhanced. Or genetically manipulated. Or both.
*If you smell the air there's a good chance you smell exhaust from your (neighbours) car. Or from the highway that is just two blocks from your house.
Gone to work or school lately? The air you breathe is probably more polluted than a bar on saturday-night. Because we ALL destroy the environment we live in, tobacco smoking or not.
But it's not so easy to point a finger at a car-driver and say: "You are poisening me and causing me to die before my time!!" They would haul you out of there in a straight-jacket, faster than you could say Marlboro............

I also never see people having these kinds of disputes with people that drink. They could get in their cars and kill you, if they were drunk....Then again, you probably drink too. And drinkers are nothing like smokers, right?

PS. Do you know why the government has not illegalised tobacco (and alcohol for that matter)? Because they make MONEY of of it. LOADS of money.
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