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So today I knew my Deluxe packages were waiting for me at my Post Office. Needless to say I left work early and raced to get them, fighting the staff member that couldn't find them and insisting they had been delivered. Sure enough he finally found the box that hadn't yet been fully processed and I impatiently thanked him and raced home.

I had this feeling - don't ask me why, that after all the special stuff that's been going on lately - and particularly the oh so cool concert they did here at the Auckland Town Hall, that somehow the box had something really cool in it. I had thought gee I have two - maybe I will get number 1, or 500, or more likely perhaps two in sequence.

Well anyway none of those things happened - but my sixth sense didn't let me down one little bit. And actually I think it's even more cool. The second Lithograph is numbered 213, but has the added words "Last one!" next to Pat's name (I guess written by him).

So I guess they all got numbered, and then got signed, and I lucked out getting the last one to be signed! Super super cool indeed.

I took some pics tonight - and yeah I know I realised after packing everything carefully away I missed the t-shirt but oh well I will do it again later.

So while I was doing all this it made me think - I wonder if the first one got anything special added, or if any of the other numbers like 100, 250, etc did. Then I thought well regardless wouldn't it just be cool to collect together for all us members a good listing of who here got what numbers. A true collectors edition collectors corner - and the band can have a look-see too and see who and where they all went to!

So what I propose is a list as I've started below, the Lithograph, and then the Display Stand. You post your numbers under your member name, plus your country, and I will add numbers, name and country in number order (001 to 500). If you got any special wording that gets added too in brackets after the number, but we expect a link to a picture to show what was written. I will edit this post as needed to add all the details to this first post.

Fire away and lets see how many of the 500 went to (or end up with) real fans

And from all of us - a fucking super HUGE thanks to you boys for doing this. From folk like me that are your age and have followed you "Back and Forth" since the start, to the younger ones just finding "the Light", this has been an incredible gesture, and we all appreciate it so very much!


058 - FooZealand - New Zealand
213 - (Last One!) FooZealand - New Zealand


247 - FooZealand - New Zealand
249 - FooZealand - New Zealand
Meanwhile Down Under...

I was there

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