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So while I was doing all this it made me think - I wonder if the first one got anything special added, or if any of the other numbers like 100, 250, etc did. Then I thought well regardless wouldn't it just be cool to collect together for all us members a good listing of who here got what numbers. A true collectors edition collectors corner - and the band can have a look-see too and see who and where they all went to!
I've got 100 (litho) and there's nothing special w/ it.
Dear Foo Fighters,
Thank you for announcing southern US tour dates. Bill Clinton, Kris Allen, Johny Cash, Bob Burns, and Sam Walton are very pleased.

Concerts I've been to:
NSYNC (don't remember date, I was 4 yrs old)

Foo Fighters in Tulsa 5-17-11
Foo Fighters in Memphis 5-20-11
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