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Hey guys,

Does anyone else find the shipping fees for the new Foo store kind of high?

Just to ship the new CD w/ a tshirt it's $15+ for the cheapest shipping option? So a $30 package becomes $45+....

Yet, a t-shirt alone costs $8 in shipping. A CD basically ways nothing (at least the way it's shown, it looks like it will be in a paper sleeve and not some crazy packaging.)

This is a bummer. I used to buy stuff from the store and I never felt like the shipping was expensive, but maybe I just have a bad memory?

I read the explanation on their page saying "we are a small company, shipping is expensive....we don't get the discounts that bigger companies get"

That doesn't make me feel better about paying high shipping just makes me think the Foos picked the wrong vendor to handle their products.

And then to add to that, there is a paragraph warning that it could take 72 hours longer than it tells us at checkout for the items to come.

SO we are going to pay expensive shipping costs, and then we aren't even guaranteed timely delivery?

Something is wrong here. I'm not a big complainer, ever, but i just think these are fair points to bring up.

I like small companies and DIY ethics and all, however we can't move backwards in affordability and timeliness.

Please fix this, guys!
It is expensive yes.Firebrand.Aren't they a part of live nation? I'm still waiting for them to send out my damn shirt even though I know other people in the uk have theirs when the made an order well after mine!! I miss Sam merch!