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Sam Merch were awesome. I had stickers and little stuff added all the time with bigger orders, the packing was always absolutely excellent and the shipping was always smack on reasonable versus real cost at any given time.

To top it off once when they forgot to ship one big order of two placed at the same time they refunded me ALL the shipping on the missed order - it was like 60 odd dollars.

I can't believe Firebrand shitting us with the we are not a big store BS. So far my experience is the store works fine, the orders etc are all correct, charging has been correct, but shipping has been slow compared to SM. The real test will be when there is any need to contact them - how they handle problems etc.

I'd love to know why the move was made - in my mind it has certainly not been a "better" result for customers. The shipping for my orders all seems to exceed the pricing I would get straight from the USPS website as a US citizen sending a single one off package with the contents ordered in it. So the no big discount is total crap - there is NO discount - in fact shipping has been padded. I'm spending so much on the new release I've ignored it for right now, but it will definitely affect what I order in the future in the "between album" times. Which in a nut shell means EVERYBODY loses; me band and Firebrand.
The CS is crappy.I didn't get a real answer when I asked when my shirt was to be shipped, just "We have it and you will receive notification when it leaves". Meanwhile people I know who ordered after me(some with the same shirt) have their stuff!If it doesn't go out this week I will be asking for a refund.

What really worries me is our mega boxes.How quick are they going to be in getting those out?Plus if any are damaged/lost we are shit out of luck as in the faq they assume no responsibility for damage or loss.
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