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Not implying any such thing, my guy. Just throwing in an extra bit of info to add to the point that they don't really make a habit of getting around all corners of the country, even though there was that attempted effort in 2015 with the additional date.
OK sorry my bad - misread on my part - took them all as links to the ChCh gig

And of course the 2015 truck crash was in a ("probably" planned but not fully confirmed until way closer than usual to date) effort to keep to the 2011 promise to play the Auckland Town Hall again after the Christchurch earthquake benefit gig.

Which was bad enough... only the day before AT the 2015 ChCh gig Dave was off again... promising to be back to ChCh for a FREE gig (admittedly by 2027 lol).

Which was of course immediately hauled up last year with the Auckland only date... upon which the "always front and centre spokesman for the band Nate Mendel" /intense sarcasm... what the fuck... yes seriously lol... had to comment:

And to top it all off they did of course play the scheduled 2015 Auckland gig the day after the cancelled Town Hall (crash) gig, having lost all the main instruments, and flying out all the backup gear direct from LA to AKL, to be done and fly it all directly back to LA again at their own cost.

Clearing customs in under 24hours is no mean feat, gonna cost you money... but hey we do 100% profit handover benefit gigs via stopovers at no notice en route to Goat Island for the most insane concert we've ever done before hitting Brisbane for another benefit gig to raise money for Queensland flood victims.

And obviously at the 2015 Auckland gig Dave totally apologized for the truck crash and promised the Town Hall gig would go ahead at some point... Nobody least of all me is forgetting THAT

You'd call utter bullshit a 100 times on any other band - only I'm sure he has a black book labelled "Bullshit I know I've said and have to put right before I die". It's probably stapled to his passport.
Meanwhile Down Under...

I was there