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I need help to get to CAL JAM! I am traveling across America on my own, I'm 18, in October this year. I will luckily be in LA as cal jam is on, but will need to work out if it is possible for me to get there and plan it out without too much trouble! I want to camp but 4 person site for myself is bad value. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated! thanks
I did caljam 2017 from U.K. Was very nervous 1st time going so far - it was bloody brilliant lots of single travelling foo's, I didn't camp but stayed in Santa Monica and got skeddale bus there - really cheap & convenient picked up from LAX, ladies from Oz were even on it ...? It was superb. The Foo family are so welcoming you really have nothing to worry about. It's very very hot there another level of heat lol & drinks etc very expensive though
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