Default Happy bday, Concrete + Gold!

I love his album. I love the textures, tones, feel and flavors. It still sounds fresh. Great job by the band, team of engineers and Greg Kurstin.
I think it is a very impressive piece of work that holds up well. Many of these songs are still heavily played on my packed playlist as they still sound new. Side B of the vinyl release is one of my favorite LP sides of all time.
I hope for some studio footage to surface someday.
Cheers, Concrete + Gold + Foo Fighters!
"Stranger things have happened, I know..."

~July 12, 2003 (St. Paul)
~October 2, 2005 (St. Paul)
~February 27, 2008 (Minneapolis)
~September 14, 2011 (St. Paul)
~August 22, 2015 (St. Paul)
~October 18, 2018 (St. Paul)
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