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I listened to your tape transfer. Good effort here, it's cool to know people are still amazed by this demo tape.
I'm surprised the starting of Hell's Garden sounds less generated than every tape I've listened and/or transferred so far. I guess it's a tape that was dubbed in the early days. What is the version of the inlay design (red Late on white paper, red Late on yellow or black Late on Yellow ?). I came by to many different tapes, some were sounding worse because they had been played back a lot, some had different cuts here and there (mostly at the beginning of "Marigold"), etc.

Yet, your tape sounds pretty worn out, it definitely was played a lot before you transferred it.

Do you have a raw/non-EQ without speed-correction version of it ? Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
Also I'd suggest you use Adobe Audition instead of Audacity for sound editing. If it's about just the transfer it's ok, but Audacity doesn't give you the full extent on sound editing as Audition does. If you need me to hook you up let me know.

Here's the best one I achieved so far. There is no EQ/speed-correction whatsoever, this is as raw as it gets. Beware it's 250 Mb (it's FLAC) and there are date mislabels in the files (see below).!3JAWULpD!PdLSjN...IGSFQT0E HgRY

The 1990 session was actually recorded on Dec 19th, not 23rd.
Marigold and Petrol CB were not from that session but from Feb 16th, 1991.
By the time I transferred the tape (circa 2012-13) we had knowledge of two sessions. Since then, Simon cleared up a lot regarding Dave's recording sessions
Are you sure that the 1990 session was recorded on December 19th and not on the 23rd? I read in a forum that the 1990 session was recorded on the 23rd is that this information is about
remain to me confirmed

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