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Yeah, most interesting aspect here is that it's not all previously released stuff like the last two, could be promising for future ones. Only 'Big Me' was ever released officially from this performance, albeit the other two tracks were videos on WalMart's website at the time.

Also curious numbering again. 25 is pretty obvious, but how does September 5th, 2007 translate to 000707, other than just the 07?

Just a small assumption looking at this:

So ignoring the first couple of 0's, the songs on the first ep were from 1995 and 2000 (95 to 00), all the songs on the second we from 2011 (so 11 to 11) and the final 2007 (07 to 07).

Know it's pretty flakey but it's the only thing I can find currently..
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