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Dude, that is seriously one of the coolest things ever. I bet it made him happy to know that someone who appreciated it for what it was now has it. Somehow I can't see the bigger lot you mention he had up before. If someone can link me or state what was in it I'd be appreciative.

I might have slept with that under my pillow the first night I had it

Have you had a listen to the tape yet?

It's funny - it sat in another room ON a pillow the first night - it's been airing out just to acclimatise it - then it was rewound in both directions the night before last, and will be digitized in the weekend all going well.

There were two main auctions - one Foo lot one Nirvana. Because they were both SO pricey they are still on eBay even though they didn't sell (they keep them live longer etc). these were probably the last relists - there were maybe four listings of the Foo lot before he stopped trying starting in Feb 2014.

The pictures are gone from the eBay listings but were captured here in a Tumbler post:
Meanwhile Down Under...

I was there

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